So You Want To Work On Your Mindset? Here's How To See Results Fast

By Rachael Taylor

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How familiar are you with "mindset"? Did you know that it is responsible for why you do the things you do?

 It's the man behind the curtain, pulling the strings on the habits you have and if you reach your goals or not.

 That's the sole reason I became fascinated with understanding the role mindset plays in my life and caused me to turn around and teach everything I had learned to my clients.

 When you're in business, especially as an entrepreneur, it can feel overwhelming, scary, lonely, frustrating and more often than not, Friday nights after 10:00 pm end in tears, red wine and a long reasons of why you should go get a 9 to 5 and chuck in the towel.

 Fortunately, the next day returns you to your wine-free senses but those nagging thoughts are still there.

 If this sense of "Is this going to work?" seems to hound you each and every day, then it's time for you to work on your mindset.

 Here's how you can get started, because it's time you earned the money you deserve, and I know you're ready to take action on the next step.

 I've broken each concept down into three simple adjustments you can make to your thoughts, starting today, so you can start to see results fast.

 #1 The New Fall-Back Thought

 Start with committing a simple, yet powerful thought to everything you encounter as a business owner so when you feel yourself spiraling down into those moments of doubt, fear and insecurity, you can snap out of it and switch your focus to something productive (and that will make you money).

 "What can I do with this information?"

Thankfully, we have the big, beautiful internet filled with millions of glorious people who own businesses and are actively working to get their solutions, products and ideas out to the world.

 While everything you run into as a business owner may fall a bit short of what you imagined it would be, I believe that there is no such thing as wasted time when it comes to learning how to be better at what you do and growing your business.

Being an entrepreneur means putting on your "what can I learn?" goggles so that you continually move forward in the right direction.

Absorb whatever information applies to you and leave the rest - the most successful people are the most teachable. Those that are looking for answers, are open to new approaches, and eager to make small adjustments are those that build the business of their dreams.


#2 The Updated Step-Back Thought

 When it comes to building the right mindset for business, you want to be able to create some space between your mind and your actions so you can better understand how the two are working together (or fighting each other).

 This thought is best applied when you are feeling stuck, frustrated, like your mind is scattered or you keep procrastinating on sitting down and getting done what needs to be done.

 "What's the story here?"

 It's one of my personal favorite introspective questions and it packs a pretty big punch.

 Mindset work (in it's simplest form) looks at a specific experience in your life and finds the line that connects that moment with your current habits and behavior today.

 It's like turning around and walking back over breadcrumbs that you've been dropping to find your way out of the fear, sabotage and procrastination maze.

 Our experiences in life, the things that we've been taught and the behavior of the generations before us influence what we believe, how we act and most importantly, what we allow ourselves to become.

 It's usually an experience that was negative, painful or harmful for either yourself or someone in your life.

 Since our bodies are programmed to want to be loved, to feel like we belong and to feel safe, your mindset will do everything in its' power to make sure that you have those three things.

 #3 The After-Effect Thought

 Understanding how you are influenced by your mindset is the last piece of this puzzle.

 It's called "being triggered" - a reaction or feeling you have (usually negative) that causes you emotional pain, discomfort, insecurity, anger, etc. when someone talks about or you think/talk about your business, finances, future, etc.

 For some, they double down on work, but on the wrong thing so they stay in the same place.

 Others sabotage their finances or work schedule; some procrastinate and avoid their work completely.

 I fall into that last category, whenever I start to feel triggered by something in my business that I'm insecure about or unhappy with I procrastinate big time by cleaning my home, doing laundry, and basically any household chore I can get my hands on.

 Knowing this about myself, is how I am able to change it. It's my red flag for my mindset when I start to put chores that don't have a deadline ahead of work for my business that does have a deadline.

 If you find yourself triggered quite often about money and your business, start to see your own patterns and habits in how you're avoiding the work.

 Once you know, you can go back to the source and identify what happened or is happening that causing you to feel that way and avoid your business.

 That's it! Those are the three simple habits you can integrate into your lifestyle to help you start to work on your mindset and see results fast.

If you’d like help in this area, learn how we can work together to transform your mindset and grow your business, so you can earn more money.

Remember, being an entrepreneur is a big adventure with unlimited potential, but it requires you to grow if you want to reach new levels of success.

Growing to your next level may not be comfortable, but I promise you that it’s always worth it.

You have this dream for a reason and it’s the perfect time for you to chase it!

Stay strong and courageous, my friend.

Till next time,

xo Rachael