How To Stop Negative Thoughts From Taking Over Your Business + Life

By Rachael Taylor

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If you let it, your mind will always pull you back to what's going wrong and how overwhelming that situation is.

When I first started the life of entrepreneurship, I was solely focused on how nothing I did was enough and I quickly burned myself out from the stress and pressure of "needing to do more ALL the time" - which caused my business to quite literally implode. 

I had to re-center and make some major adjustments in my business, one of those being a better focus on the internal conversations my mind was having.

Doing anything new is exciting, but also a bit scary. When I first took the leap into being an entrepreneur, I was really focused, driven and hopeful that I'd have a profitable, successful business within the first few months.

Initially, I did! I was teaching in my coaching business part-time and had three fantastic clients that were doing great in my very first 12-week health and mindset transformation program. Everything was looking up.

But then, the unthinkable happened.

One of them dropped out before finishing her last two sessions, another wanted to renew but then sent a text saying they had changed their mind and the last one was going through a move and didn't want to add anything else to her schedule.

All of these things are completely normal and understandable, even back then, but my mind quickly turned it around into a negative storm of "all the things wrong with me" because my business went from 3 to 0 in a single weekend.


I would love to tell you that the next day I went out and filled my schedule.

I wish I could tell you that my perfectionism didn't take over my self-confidence and I kept showing up, day in and day out.

The truth is, I was discouraged by the sudden drop in my business and it took a lot of wind out of my sails.

My mind raced through: “What am I thinking? Did I think I could do this? Who am I to say I’m a business owner? Do I have what it takes? Where will I go from here? Will people want to work with me?” And on and on.

Fortunately, I was friends with fellow entrepreneurs who had gone through or were going through the same thing. As I began to explore the effects that mindset has on us, especially as entrepreneurs, one thing became crystal clear to me - the negative thoughts in our minds will never go away, but we get to decide if we listen to them.

This is probably one of the MOST important lessons I have learned as I walk around on this Earth and I hope that you can too.

There is a pretty simple way to stop negative thoughts from taking over your business and life, but it does require practice and tenacity.

On the days when things are bad, discouraging, upsetting, overwhelming and filled with fear, you have to train yourself to decide to look at things differently and pull yourself out of negative thoughts.

You will know that negativity is playing an active role in your life because everything will suddenly seem so much harder than it normally is.

You may yourself feeling easily distracted, being pulled away from the things you need to do or suddenly finding excuses to not follow-through on the task at hand (especially at the things that make you money and market your business).

If you're feeling negative in a big way today, I encourage you to go through this simple 6-step coaching questionnaire to turn those thoughts around.

What's my #1 priority/task I need to accomplish?

There's always something that we're trying to get done but are having trouble following through. What's yours today?

What's my habit?

We all have a go-to habit that we use to avoid working on the things we need to - what do you find yourself doing?

What could I be protecting myself from?

Pause for a minute and allow yourself to think about your fears, what is the worst-case negative scenario that could happen if you follow through on what you need to get done?

Do I want it to have power?

Now that you know the fear, if that happened would you stop working on your business? Is it big enough to keep you from going forward for your dreams?

What am I prepared to do/change to make that happen?

What needs to happen in your mindset and in your habits right now in order to not let that fear take over your business with negative thoughts?

When am I going to get it done?

Schedule a time slot in your calendar this week to complete the task your negative thoughts have been telling you to avoid.

As someone who fought depression, I'm no stranger to negative thoughts taking over and controlling lives. It's a big part of my path that led me to the world of online business as a writer and mindset coach.

I understand how strong the mind is. I get how hard it can be, especially when you've put all your dreams into one basket as a business owner.

You're not alone in having negative thoughts take over your business and life - and you have the power to decide to change it.

Every morning before you turn off your alarm, I want you to stop negative thoughts before they start with a simple mantra: "Something good is going to happen to me today, and something good is going to happen through me today."

Even if you don't believe it just yet, say it in your mind or whisper it on your lips. Put it out there and start to train your mindset to focus on the good, look forward to the day and expect good things to happen. 

You are on an incredible journey as a business owner, leader and courageous entrepreneur. Don’t let any negative thought tell you that you aren’t good enough or don’t have the qualifications.

You’ve got this, completely and absolutely 100% got this.

If you’d like help in this area, learn how we can work together to transform your mindset and grow your business, so you can earn more money.

Remember, being an entrepreneur is a big adventure with unlimited potential, but it requires you to grow if you want to reach new levels of success.

Growing to your next level may not be comfortable, but I promise you that it’s always worth it.

You have this dream for a reason and it’s the perfect time for you to chase it!

Stay strong and courageous, my friend.

Till next time,

xo Rachael