The Mindset Mastery Curriculum

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To start, you’ll focus on creating clarity on where specifically you want to go, how to get there and how to clear blocks along the way so you can start moving forward.

  • Get crystal clear about what you want to be, do and have in life and in business so you can set yourself up for success and get there

  • Identify mindset blocks around success, goals, outcomes and money that have been hiding in the background of your mind (and hurting your business and profits)

  • Create strong motivating factors to reach the big picture of your business and strengthen your drive, energy and passion to make it happen

  • Build a solid foundation for mindset work with the Mindset Toolkit: a comprehensive guide with step-by-step teaching and explanation of different mindset strategies and exercises you’ll use throughout the program and beyond


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Next you’ll dive straight into money and how to create a financial strategy for abundance, clearing out a scarcity mindset and money blocks so you can earn the money you deserve.

  • Find your money blocks (something every entrepreneur needs to do) and clear them to stop living in scarcity, feast or famine mode and debt

  • Create a simple, yet effective mindset plan to build a business that supports you financially and increases as you scale and grow

  • Identify and remove self-imposed limits that have created an income ceiling with a customized mindset strategy to declutter it from your mind

  • Build an easy-to-use money tracking sheet to better organize your personal and business finances, retraining your mindset to support you as you pay off debt, save money and move into financial abundance from your business


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Then it’s on to habits! This Module is dedicated to teaching you how to stop sabotage, procrastination and resistance, giving you the tools to accomplish anything.

  • Use your mindset tools to uncover hidden reasons for sabotage, resistance and procrastination so you can end bad habits and patterns that slow you down in business

  • Build healthy mindset habits that empower your actions, grow your confidence and help you stay strong when things get tough (or don’t turn out the way you planned or wanted)

  • Utilize your greatest strengths in your business and upgrade your mindset to shift its’ focus to what you can do, instead of being focused on what you think you can’t

  • Create a business and life you love with a proven-to-work, habit building system that produces long-lasting results, changed behavior and beliefs, so you can take consistent, focused action on what it’s going to take to have the business of your dreams


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Get ready to be a Mindset Master with this final module, matching your mindset with a marketing strategy, approach to projects and connection to your bigger vision that fuels your success.

  • You’ll learn how to create the mindset you need to start and finish every creative project you do, know how to quickly find and clear blocks as they come up, and how to create an environment that supports your inevitable success

  • Understand how your mind is currently approaching marketing, promotion, money conversations and sales, and change the conversation to better suit your financial goals, healthy boundaries and future growth

  • Create the big picture for your business and life and the mindset strategy you’ll use going forward as you continue on your entrepreneurial path, are open to more opportunities, earn more money and recognize yourself as a successful entrepreneur capable of anything and everything you set your mind to



With Mindset Mastery, you’ll have all the tools you need to become a master of your mindset and reach all your goals, earn the money you deserve, live a lifestyle you love and own a business that works for you.