Mindset Coach & Creative Entrepreneur


I'm Rachael.

An animal loving, creative entreprenuer that’s here to help you on your path to greater wealth, success and dream lifestyle.


A born-and-raised los angeles Girl who dreamed of a 1-minute work-commute and a business that helps people on a global scale


I’m a coach, writer, artist, author and lover of horses who spends most days in comfy pants with a messy bun, teaching others how to build the right business mindset that will fast track them towards their goals.

I didn’t always have this location-free lifestyle and business - just a few years ago I was teaching Pilates in-person with long days, a 3-hour commute and burning out fast.

At the age of 26, I took a leap of faith and invested all my savings in a coaching certification that launched me into the world of online business, entrepreneurship and location-independent, money making possibilities. That investment led me to my dream job, empowering and teaching people around the world to build a business they love, with the profits they deserve.

Today you can find me hanging out on my computer in my Downtown Los Angeles apartment, with a view of the city and the shortest commute to work that past-Rachael would totally be jealous of.

i knew i was in the right place the second my first coaching call ended. i had found my path and i couldn’t wait to get started.

Right now I’m probably having my morning tea or sipping some good Oregon wine (compliments of the love of my life) while working on my latest project to help my fellow entrepreneurs master their mindset and remove fears, doubts and limitations so they can have a profitable, sustainable business that allows them to live the lifestyle of their dreams.

I love helping people on whatever path they’re on, and coaching them through mindset work so they can achieve the goals they have for their business, lifestyle, health, relationships and finances.

The best part about my business is connecting with people all around the world and showing them that the path to a successful, profitable business is shorter, smoother and simpler than we’ve all been thinking.

You are your best asset. Your mind is the most powerful tool in your business tool-belt, and I’d love to show you how easy it is to break through barriers in your mindset and replace them with the right approach to money, business and success that will create unlimited potential and opportunities for growth and wealth.

Keep going and stay strong, you have this dream for a reason and right now is the best time for you to take your next step. Growing to a new level may not be comfortable, but it’s always worth it.

You are well on your way to reaching new levels of success, keep putting one foot in front of the other - you’ve totally got this.

Till we chat again!

xo Rachael

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